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Meet Himanshi Perera

More about Himanshi...

Himanshi values the principles of trust and loyalty in every connection, and believes that it is the foundation for a lifelong relationship. Being a younger sibling from a large family, Himanshi also knows how important (and sometimes life-threatening) it is to stand up to your siblings about what you believe in (just kidding). Himanshi will always have your best interest at heart when advocating for you, and her innate passion to take care of everyone around her is reflected by her instinct to go above and beyond for her clients.

Coming from a strong background in accounting, one of Himanshi’s most recent jobs was as an accountant for one of Kelowna’s most prestigious and popular wineries, Quails’ Gate Estate Winery. One of her favourite “tasks” of the job, was when her team would have the opportunity to test Quails’ Gate’s soon-to-be released wines. Although she loves wine, her business mentality and drive was to bring care, guidance, and love to her homeowner clients, which led to her decision to embark into the real estate world.

Outside of work, Himanshi and her husband share a passion for home projects and renovations to their beautiful home in Sherwood Park. Pouring love into their home and improvements has always been a passion as well as a hobby for the two. When Himanshi and her husband aren’t working on the home, you can find them playing with their two large German Shepherd crosses, Big Tuna and Juno.

Himanshi is extremely happy to be with the Schmidt team. She takes pride in providing the best care for her clients, and her caring nature and ability to understand people’s needs is what makes her a valued member of Schmidt.


Favorite Vacation: Sri Lanka – my family is from Sri Lanka, so when we travel, we travel back home. Small tropical island with family, eating mangos and rambutan fresh off the tree, what could be better.

Favorite Food: Spicy Sri Lankan food, and chips. My family calls me the “Chip Connoisseur” because of my extensive but also useless knowledge of chips.

Favourite Beverage: Coffee.

Favourite Car: I don’t have a favourite car, but my husband has taught me to be loyal to Toyota. They’re humble, low maintenance, and reliable, just like me!

Favourite Concert: Amon Amarth – my first ever metal concert, in the mosh pit. It was amazing!

Favourite Activity Outside of Work: Game nights with family and friends.

Favourite Celebrity: Not a celebrity, but favourite character in my favourite show is Michael Scott, from The Office. And that is why we named one of our dogs “Big Tuna”

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