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Meet Jacob Brown

More About Jacob

Jacob’s love for business and people made real estate a natural fit. Being a REALTOR® allows him to focus on his two passions, helping people and succeeding in business. Genuinely interested in people, you’ll find Jacob to be a really good listener. He truly enjoys hearing what’s going on in your life and how your planned purchase or sale will help you achieve your goals in life. Upbeat and positive, Jacob is also full of empathy and integrity. He will always have your best interests at heart!

Being in business was a goal of Jacob’s from an early age. As he worked and studied, it became apparent that real estate offered him the perfect combination of making a difference in peoples’ lives and creating a successful venture that would satisfy his passion for business and look after his family as well. His values of client care and being a helper are a perfect match for the values of his colleagues at Schmidt Realty Group, and he really enjoys the benefits of our collaborative and supportive environment.

In addition to chatting about real estate, Jacob will gladly join in any conversation about current sports, notably hockey, soccer and football! Even more than real estate and sports, Jacob’s true love is his family. He has a beautiful wife and a baby boy. Whether enjoying nature while camping, playing board games at home, or travelling around the world, his happiest place is with them.

If you’re looking for someone to partner with on your next real estate journey, you’d be well served by Jacob and you’ll have fun along the way as well!

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