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Meet Melissa Blythe

Raised in Fort McMurray, Melissa moved to Edmonton for college and has been in love with the city ever since! Melissa has a business education from NAIT and successfully started her small business One Posh Baby, which she grew and ran for six years prior to moving into a career in real estate. Melissa was drawn to Schmidt because of the full service client-focused approach and appreciates the team environment offered by Schmidt so that she knows her clients are always 100% supported. She greatly values the trust of her clients, many of whom become friends!  When she’s not busy with real estate, Melissa loves exploring the wonderful city of Edmonton with her two young sons.

Autumn family pictures at MacTaggart Santuary
Mother and son selfie!



I’d have to say probably the last minute holiday trip my oldest son and I took to Florida! I was complaining about the cold and the snow on Facebook when an online friend I’d known for years online offered her spare room and car for a week if we wanted to come visit! Six days later we were on a plane for a fun whirlwind impromptu vacation! We went to LegoLand, Disney World, to the beach, out on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico – it was just so much fun! It’s also likely the most impulsive thing I’ve done in my life!


A few months ago this answer would have been – I love penny candy! But since I’ve been on a quest to focus on foods with more nutritional value, I’ll go with – I love dried apricots!


Coffee. I would die without it for sure. I’m not being dramatic at all.


Starfish. Did you know starfish regenerate? If something bad happens and they lose an arm, they just grow a new one. That’s a pretty good analogy for life, I think.


Dark green and all shades of purple.


My Ford Escape – Vivianne Fiffer-Feffer-Feff. The kids might have picked her middle name.


I’ve been to a great many – it’s hard to even pick a top ten! If I can kind of cheat and pick a festival I’d go with Edgefest 98. Foo Fighters, Greenday, The Tea Party, Holly McNarland, Matthew Good Band, Bif Naked, Sloan, Econoline Crush, just so many great bands. Some of the other dates also had Moist and Our Lady Peace (who I’ve also seen, but not that day). Ahh, the glory days of Canadian music.


I’m not really a celebrity kind of person, so I’ll go with my favorite author – John Irving.


I’d say travelling, but as a detailed oriented person I think I actually enjoy the travel planning just as much as the actual travel. I’m a big fan of schedules and organization. Maybe we’ll include that in the travel since it sounds less nerdy?

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