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Did you know that the real estate licensing courses are all online now?

If you’ve been thinking about getting your real estate license, now might be a good time to start the training!

Find out how to get started with the online training here!

Learn all about Schmidt Realty Group’s exclusive  training program here!

Now, more than ever, we see how our supportive and collaborative model serves our clients and ourselves. Our clients can count on having someone to help them at all times, and our agents are able to take the time they need to look after their own families as well.  It’s all about life/work balance. Looking after our clients, looking after each other and looking after ourselves. And as always, we’re here to answer your questions! Reach out to us anytime for a confidential chat! We can even connect on Zoom if you like!

Sabrina Bright, Training Manager, REALTOR®

Kathy Schmidt, Broker Owner, REALTOR®


Whether you’re fresh out of university or college, in the middle of life looking to branch out, or retiring and considering your “next act”, real estate can work for you!

Real estate is one of the few professions where there are no limits on your income and no fixed hours.  Your schedule and your earnings are self-determined. As long as your clients are well looked after, you can work when it suits you best, and set income goals to achieve your desired lifestyle.


The first step…

The first and most important decision you’ll make in your real estate career is which brokerage you choose to join. There are many different sizes, styles and models of brokerages to choose from, and your decision will depend on your personality, your work style and your individual goals. Before you decide on one, make sure you interview a few brokerages to get all the info you’ll need.

Why choose Schmidt?

Thanks for taking time to learn more about Schmidt Realty Group! We’re interested in getting to know you, too!  As a busy REALTOR® myself, I understand the daily challenges faced by busy agents. Schmidt was built to help keep your sanity and some life/work balance so you can run the long race and enjoy your career for many years to come.  When you choose Schmidt, you’re choosing to be coached, mentored and supported by some of the best in the business!  Here’s a quick taste of what you can expect!
– Kathy Schmidt, Broker Owner



Whether you’re brand new to real estate or a seasoned professional, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive training program. If you’re an experienced agent we’re happy to fast-track the process, while still making sure you get the full benefit of this proven program.

  • You’ll experience “live” individual and small group training in our 8-week intensive Bootcamp Program from our Trainers, Sabrina Bright and Brad Bosker, as well as our Broker, Kathy Schmidt.
  • You’ll learn how to prepare well-crafted contracts and thorough property evaluations, plus you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of issues relating to Real Property Reports, buyer brokerage, condos, communication, time management, and so much more!
  • You’ll receive one on one guidance to help you prepare for your appointments and offers, plus invaluable business development education.


After training, ongoing support will continue to strengthen and sustain your real estate career.  In our ever-changing industry it’s vital to stay on top of new rules and regulations as well as current issues faced by consumers.  It’s good to know you’ve got the backing you need when challenges arise.

  • You’ll have access to ongoing mentoring from our Trainers and Broker, so you can rest assured that your clients are safe and you are acting in the best manner to protect their interests.
  • Every contract you prepare will be reviewed multiple times to ensure accuracy and safety. We’ll let you know if there’s anything missing right away to ensure your contracts are strong and enforceable.
  • You’ll enjoy professional support from our amazing Admin Team. They’ll handle everything from booking showings at your listings to setting up your appointments for a day of seeing homes with your relocation clients! They’re available to you and your clients during our extended office hours (9-8 weekdays and 10-4 weekends).


Training and support provide a strong base.  Working with a collaborative group of professionals is the secret sauce to thriving and enjoying work/life balance!

  • We work together as a non-competitive collaborative group. We recognize that everyone has different business goals and family commitments, and that success means different things to different people.  Your business goals and results are considered private, unless you choose to share.
  • Our group is collaborative, and naturally helpful and generous. We’ll freely share our knowledge and expertise to help you and your clients, and we trust you’ll do the same! We believe we are all stronger together!
  • When you need to step away from your business, whether for a fun trip or a family emergency, coverage is always available from a colleague. Thanks to our strong marketing and client care systems, your buyers and sellers will experience a smooth transition to another professional while you’re off, and you can step back into their purchase or sale seamlessly when you’re back!


Schmidt Realty Group provides agents with an outstanding marketing program. It’s all you need to present yourself professionally, stay in touch with your clients, and make your listings shine!  Want to do more?  We can help you plan and execute with confidence!

  • PROPERTY MARKETING: All marketing costs and campaigns to spread the word about your listings are handled! This includes professional photography, staging consultations or virtual staging, personalized signage, property websites and brochures, social media advertising, MLS fees, key safe, and more! Ask us about our Signature Program for high-end custom homes! It’s absolutely outstanding and is provided at no extra charge to you or your clients.
  • PERSONAL PROMOTION: Your personal marketing starts with a professional photo and business cards. We handle all of that for you!  Plus, you’ll be featured with your own page on our brokerage website where you’ll have a chance to share your personality, your business focus and more!  We’ll send out your personalized e-newsletter to your sphere and clients via our professionally managed customized CRM. Plus you’ll have your own CRM to use through our integrated Wolf Connect system!
  • CLIENT GIFTS: It’s fun to celebrate with your clients. Our signature client gift is a luxurious and cozy softly branded blanket.  All you have to do is ask and it will be gift wrapped and ready for you to personally deliver in a customized reusable bag!  A bottle of bubbly is included!


Choose your preferred plan base on what suits you and your family best!  All 3 options are based on graduated splits based on firm deals in a calendar year.  Choose your annual plan each December for the coming year, depending on your personal goals!

*NOTE: The Bronze plan is available to new hires only, for the first 12 months with the brokerage. 


Mentoring is a way of life at Schmidt, and it continues long after your initial training is complete. In fact, we believe learning is a lifelong process. To be in business means to stay green and growing!

Sabrina Bright . Training Manager
Sabrina Bright . Training Manager
Brad Bosker . Assistant Training Manager
Brad Bosker . Assistant Training Manager
Kathy Schmidt . Broker/Owner
Kathy Schmidt . Broker/Owner

Want to know more about starting out at Schmidt? Reach out to our Training Manager, Sabrina Bright, at

If you’re currently licensed, please get in touch with our Broker, Kathy Schmidt,  for a confidential chat at

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