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Jolyn Hall

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Jolyn was previously as a nurse and worked extensively with seniors before moving into the real estate world. Jolyn is able to bring a  level of compassion and caring to an often overwhelming and complex life transition.

Her extensive background in health and housing allows a level of sensitivity during the up and downs of an often emotional journey in buying or selling a home. She is especially aware of the complexity that comes when selling your last home before moving to retirement living or a nursing home. Jolyn loves to be a guide to break down every step in the process at a pace that makes sense for you and the complexities of your situation. You remain in charge of this transaction, but you have a guide and, more importantly, a friend at your side through it all.

Jolyn is a passionate advocate for active aging – taking an active role in making decisions that promote aging-in-place, downsizing to the right home as we age, and assisting older adults maintain control when it is necessary to change their living circumstances. You can learn more about her resources for families and their aging loved ones at

Jolyn has 3 lovely children and lives in West Edmonton with her loving Newfie husband, Wayne. Jolyn loves to take in all the great festivals this city offers, and is always up for a road trip. Just be warned she sings on roadtrips and buyer clients are more than welcome to request car karaoke with me anytime – it makes the viewings a lot more interesting! She is an avid lover of funky shoes and is strongly advocating for a ‘Shoes of Schmidt’ on social media – drop the office a note if you think we should add that to our social media fun!

Learn more about Jolyn Hall at

Jolyn & Wayne on a roadtrip to Calgary Zoo
Jolyn getting ready to open a new seniors residence
Hiking Johnston Canyon in the Rockies


Fave vacation:
Take me to the mountains… otherwise, I left part of my heart in Cozumel, Mexico

Fave sweet treat:
Lemon Meringue, but if I am going to a deserted island I’m taking loads of sourdough bread!

Fave beverage:
Alcohol: Pinot Grigio or Moscato wine, or watermelon cider
Pop: Gingerale

Fave animal:
The lion is my spirit animal.

Fave color:
Purple, purple, and more purple!

Fave car:
Anything super cute.

Fave concert:
Garth Brooks! He knows how to treat his fans.

Fave celebrity:
Robin Williams is my all time fave!

Fave activity outside of work:
Road trips & car karaoke, festivals, knitting, or a quiet night with wine & Netflix 🙂

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