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Meet Kim Ouellette

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As a born and raised Edmontonian, Kim knows this city and its surrounding areas! She is always on the lookout for new and exciting things that are happening in and around Edmonton. Real Estate has been an interest for Kim since she was a little girl- she used to study the For Sale house listings at the back of the Examiner Newspaper as a child!

After working as a real estate assistant and social media manager for the past few years Kim realized it was time to start her own business with Schmidt Realty Group! Her past experience has given Kim an understanding of the real estate industry, an eye for detail and aesthetics, and also an understanding of the practicalities and functionality of homes. Her warm and bubbly personality make clients feel comfortable, confident and at ease with what is sometimes a very overwhelming process.

With a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta, Kim strives to educate and walk her clients through the entire process of buying and selling real estate. An educated consumer is a smart consumer, and this is one of the areas that Kim will definitely bring value. Kim also has experience with social media and blogging. She co-founded and manages a province wide website for parents,

Kim loves getting to know her clients so that she can deliver personalized service based on their needs- after all, the home you choose to live in or sell is probably one of the most personal decisions you will make. She would love to sit down with a coffee and chat about your real estate needs anytime!

Exploring San Francisco and Bike riding across the Golden Gate Bridge
Hard Luck Canyon on a recent camping trip to the Whitecourt area
paddling down the North Saskatchewan River on a summer’s evening.
The smallest members of the family



Basically every vacation is the best, in my opinion. I love to travel and experience everything possible in the places I visit. The best recent vacations I’ve been on would have to be Newfoundland and San Francisco.


Anything that someone else makes for me! I love to cook, but I like it even more when someone else does it. Also- cheese and potato chips.


Coffee, water, wine. Repeat.

A cold beer on a hot day can’t really be beat either.


All the animals! The fuzzier the better. I’m a mom to two cuddly pomchi pups.


Pink. Always pink.


Honestly, if it has heated seats and a clear bluetooth system it doesn’t matter to me!


Camping with my son and husband, visiting with friends/family & the occasional Netflix binge with snacks! I also like planning new trips- and then going on them:)

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