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Meet Tanya Durrant

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Tanya Durrant

As a former triathlete with Team Canada who has explored all corners of Edmonton in her running shoes or on her bike, Tanya is happy to have called Edmonton home for 30 years.  After finishing her B. Comm (Marketing) at the University of Alberta, Tanya moved to Jasper where she met her soon-to-be husband, then moved back to Edmonton to marry and bring up two active children.

While raising her family, she became aware of the incredible community around her and the necessity of both leaning on your community and contributing to it for the benefit of all.  Whether managing sports teams and coordinating community soccer, or volunteering with her community league and local schools, Tanya recognizes the importance of pitching in and working together to get the job done.

Tanya believes we are never too old to learn a new skill and begin a new adventure! To achieve her goal of becoming a triathlete, Tanya learned to swim as an adult.  Over time, she improved enough to represent Canada at World Triathlon Championships around the world.  The most memorable World Championship was in Auckland, New Zealand.  After her race, she and her family spent two months exploring the country in a camper van. It was the trip of a lifetime!

Combining her passion for people with athletic determination, Tanya has evolved from a shopping centre marketer into an interior decorator helping people beautify their homes, to finally a real estate agent who is committed to assisting her clients as they navigate our complex real estate market.

Tanya’s happy place is the outdoors. You will often find her gardening in her yard; dog walking, running or biking in Edmonton’s glorious river valley; or hiking in the fresh mountain air of our Canadian Rockies.


FAVE VACATION: Exploring beautiful New Zealand in a camper with our young kids for two months. We sure appreciated our house (with individual bedrooms) on our return!

FAVE SWEET TREAT: Chocolate, especially from local shop Sweet Lollapalooza Confections.  Yum!

FAVE BEVERAGE: Nothing beats a hot, smooth latte on a cold day—unless it’s an iced vanilla latte on a hot day.

FAVE ANIMAL: Dogs, hands down!  We are waiting for the arrival of our new Portuguese Waterdog puppy.

FAVE COLOR: Blue in any shade.

FAVE ACTIVITY OUTSIDE OF WORK: There are so many things I love to do! Walking, running and biking with friends in our gorgeous river valley. Hiking in the nearby Rockies.  Cooking for friends and family. Watching my kids play their sports. Gardening in our yard (not really gardening, more like digging in the dirt and moving plants around).

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