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4 Ways you can Set the Stage for Success

4 Ways you can Set the Stage for Success

When you house hits the market… it’s SHOWTIME! Will you be ready?

Getting your home ready for the market – really ready – is a big deal! Unless you’re marketing it as a “fixer upper/handyman special” there’s no point in having your agent spread the word about your property if it doesn’t show well.  While you’ll probably sell eventually, you won’t capture the interest of the best buyers and you certainly won’t maximize your price!  Just like on Broadway, opening night can make or break you.  Here are 4 ways you can set the stage for success:

  • Do-it-yourself home staging.
    Most REALTORS® will be able to give you some basic tips on this. The most basic of approaches can still work wonders if you take the time. We all know where our homes need de-cluttering and tidying up, and selling your house can provide the motivation you’ve been needing!  Pack up any unused items, give kitchens and bathrooms a good clean, make sure pathways are clear, and remove all but the essential items from kitchen and bathroom counters, as well as dining room and coffee tables.  Just taking these simple steps will go a long way – just make sure to do all this before photos are taken. While you want to impress buyers who come to see your home, you’ve first got to get their interest to get them there!
  • Professional staging consultation.
    We offer this complimentary service to our clients to assist them to get ready for their real estate performance. It involves a meeting in your home with a professional interior designer. She’ll show you how best to utilize the furniture and accessories you have, as well as give you some ideas for modest investments to further enhance your home. Simple touches like new towels and throw cushions can make a room “pop”! And if you’re thinking of doing any painting, she’ll bring her magic paint wand to help you choose a colour that will not only please you, but even more important, will please today’s buyers.  This all takes about an hour and is time very well spent. How much of her advice you put into action will depend on your time and budget, but you’ll have loads of options to make a really positive impression on opening night!
  • Virtual staging.
    This is a fantastic alternative we provide free of charge to our sellers who have vacant properties. With so many vacant homes on the market right now, it’s more important than ever to stand out! For this service we let our professional photographer know that the property will be virtually staged and he takes photos with this in mind. Then we utilize a digital design firm to create a “furnished” view of the main living area.  This way, when buyers are searching online they can envision where their story will unfold! Here is an example of virtual staging:
  • Physical staging.
    This is an option many clients ask us about. While it can be helpful, it is an expensive process to have furniture rented, delivered and set up.  Frequently this runs to $1000’s of dollars a month. In all but exceptional cases, our advice is that the virtual staging offers an effective solution without costing our clients the unnecessary expense.

So there you have it – four options to choose from!  What’s best for you will depend on what’s happening in your own story.  Whether your home is full of life and mayhem, or you’ve moved out and it’s empty, we can help you set the stage for a memorable real estate performance 🙂

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