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5 Questions to Ask Before Moving Your Family to a New Home

5 Questions to Ask Before Moving Your Family to a New Home

If you’re planning a move this summer, you’re not alone. On any given month, thousands of people are moving to new homes, and this time of year is especially busy! So many families move at the end of June when the school year is over, while others choose to move in July and August to get settled before the new school year begins.

For parents, the logistics of moving can often be a bit overwhelming. So, before you start hunting for a new home ask yourself these 5 questions. The answers will help you understand critical points about where you should move and the type of home that will bring happiness to the whole family.

1. What Type of Family Are We?

Does your family love being outdoors or would you prefer to spend the weekends doing arts and crafts (or at an art gallery downtown)? Do your kids love playing sports or spending time at the cinema?

If you don’t want to spend hours in your car every week accommodating your family’s needs, then determining the answer to this question is critical. If you answered “yes” to all of the above questions, Ritchie or Strathcona would be good places to start looking. Listed as two of Edmonton’s best neighbourhoods in 2017, these communities boast plenty of appealing features including proximity to downtown, the river valley, and Whyte Ave.

If either of these areas sound like your ideal location, one of our amazing REALTORS® would be happy to help you find your dream home.

2. What Do We Need vs. What Do We Want?

Needs and wants are two very different things. Your current home is a good place to start when thinking about what you need in a new home. What do you love about your house that you must have in your next home? Alternatively, what is your home lacking?

Grab a piece of paper and make a list that includes both your needs and your wants. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you absolutely need a double detached garage or would you consider parking one car outside to get a home in your dream location next to a park?  You might really miss having a fireplace if you’ve always had one, but is it a need in the home right away?  Keeping your options open and considering what you can add later will ensure you don’t miss out on a property that could have everything else on your list!   Keeping an open mind is key!

Now that you have a list, prioritize the items with needs at the top and wants towards the bottom. Bring this list with you when you meet with your REALTOR®. It will help them understand what type of home they should be looking for and will also allow them to ask follow-up questions. For example, would you be willing to forgo the granite countertops you requested if every other item on your list is checked off?

3. What Schools Are in Our Desired Neighbourhoods?

Education is extremely important. If you want to set your kids up for success, then it’s imperative to consider the schools that are in the areas you’d like to live. Edmonton has a variety of charter schools focused on various areas of study.  Learn more here! 

Our REALTORS® are also very knowledgeable about all things Edmonton. Whether you have a question about schools, proximity to greenspace, or the time it’ll take to drive to your job during rush hour, we’ve either got the answer or we’ll find a way to get it for you!

4. Will this Home Fit Our Lifestyle in 5 or 10 Years?

Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, you need to think about how this house will fit your lifestyle in the coming years. With one child you’re fine in that charming two-bedroom character bungalow, but will the home work for you when you have that second child you’re planning? Maybe you have a teenager just about to finish high school who’ll be heading out of the city for university.  Will you still need all the space you had for family living up till now?  Or perhaps you’ve got a home business that’s starting to require more office space.  Where you live really impacts how you live.  Keep your family and your work life in mind as you choose that next home!

5. What Do Our Kids Think About the New Home or Neighbourhood?

A move is difficult enough for most of us, but even more so for kids who are already experiencing his or her own age-related issues. Leaving behind friends, moving to a new school and a new neighborhood can be especially hard.  Schmidt REALTOR® Melissa Blythe has some tips in her blog “How to Make Moving Easier on Kids.”

Once you’ve thought about these 5 questions, now it’s time for the fun to begin! Head over to the Meet the Team page on our website to get to know our REALTORS® and find the perfect fit for you and your family. Happy house hunting!


Kathy is the broker and owner of Schmidt Realty Group. With over 20 years of experience in the Edmonton real estate market, Kathy pours her time and energy into helping her team provide a truly exceptional real estate experience for every one of their buyers and sellers.  Kathy was named one of Edmonton’s 100 top women in business by The Wanderer Online in 2013 and was honoured to receive Edmonton’s prestigious REALTOR® of the Year Award in 2012 by her peers. READ MORE

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