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Create Your Own Sanctuary

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Contributed by Kathy Schmidt . Broker Owner . Schmidt Realty Group Inc.

Would YOU live in a windmill? My niece and her family are currently living in The Hague, Netherlands.  I had planned to visit them in September but, well… Covid.  Fortunately, she regularly shares photos with me so I can see where they’re living and learn a bit about life there.  Recently she and her husband went cycling and came upon these windmill residences. She wasn’t sure if they were full-time homes or rentals, but either way, they’re pretty cool!


One word I hear a lot these days is “sanctuary”.  Wikipedia defines it as “a place of refuge or safety”. As a Realtor, I’ve had more conversations about the importance of “home” lately. When we talk about home, for many of us we’re talking about our personal sanctuary, the place where we feel safe and secure.  While I wouldn’t normally think of a windmill as a sanctuary, why not?  When Larry and I travel, we like to pick one spot and make our home away from home there… our sanctuary in a new place.  Even though we’re not travelling these days, it’s still fun to plan ahead for future trips.  Maybe we’ll stay here in this windmill!

If you’re looking for places to put on your wish list for when travel opens up again, here’s another wonderful sanctuary in the trees. Nelson Treehouse has rental options in Washington and other locations.  Create your own mini-sanctuary and build a treehouse at home… your REALTOR® friends at SCHMIDT strongly suggests checking bylaws and applying for permits first of course!

Another interesting sanctuary are these hobbit houses in Wales, though being married to someone who’s 6’4” I somehow doubt we’ll ever stay there!  They’re available for rent but booked up well into 2022… just in time for post-pandemic travel!

And let’s not forget about creating sanctuary right where we are.  Whether it’s painting a room in a colour that makes your heart sing, or investing in that cozy reading chair you’ve been wanting…  maybe now’s the time to put your travel budget towards a few things that will make where you live an even sweeter sanctuary.

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