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Know your WHY before you buy!

Know your WHY before you buy!

By Kathy Schmidt, Broker/Owner, Schmidt Realty Group Inc.

When someone approaches me to help with their house purchase, the first thing we’ll do is arrange a time to sit down together for an in-depth consultation. Why is this so important?  Read the rest of this blog and you’ll see how much time and energy can be wasted going on a wild goose (or house!) chase 😉

When I was a new REALTOR©, I was working with a couple who said they wanted a two-storey house with a double, attached garage. I was excited to find them a house. Maybe a bit too excited. I didn’t stop to analyze the “why” behind their request. I didn’t stop to look at what was possible. I just started digging. But, of course, we weren’t finding anything that they wanted, and I was feeling quite badly about it. Finally, I said, we need to regroup. Fortunately, I learned a lot from that experience, and now know how important it is to help my clients find their WHY before they buy.

A Messy Bed Could Be Holding You Back 

We met and again I asked them to walk me through their wish list. However, this time I asked some pointed questions. The first series of questions focused on their request for a two-storey home. What is it about two-storeys do you love? Did you grow up in one? Do you just like the look of a two-storey?

They both said no – and started blushing slightly. They went through a little back-and-forth saying “Are you going to tell her?” … “No, you tell her.” Finally, one of them spoke up and said, “We don’t make our beds.” They were horrified to tell me this deep dark secret! They went on to explain that they love to entertain people in their home and didn’t want them walking past messy bedrooms to get to the bathroom. Now we were getting somewhere!

I asked them how they’d feel about a bungalow with bedrooms that were tucked around the corner, and they were open to that type of home. I asked them how they’d feel about a split level with a few steps to separate living spaces, and they were fine with that too.

I was on a roll. Next, we moved on to the double attached garage. Turns out, they assumed that two-storey homes come with an attached garage, so that’s what they told me they wanted. After we talked it through, the couple said they’d also be okay with a single, detached garage as long as they had somewhere to park one car.

I had been looking for a home for them for three months… That was a lot of wasted time for my buyers.  Fortunately, I took stock and figured out where we’d gone wrong.

Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers

Those simple, easy questions helped me understand their motivations… and helped me find them a home.

Instead of looking for a two storey with a double, attached garage, I was now looking for a home where the bedrooms had some sense of privacy (a big WHY for them) and secure parking for at least one vehicle (another big WHY). Within a few days, I found them a wonderful split-level home with a detached garage that gave them everything they were looking for! It was right within their budget in a neighbourhood that they wanted, and they lived there for nine blissful years before asking me to sell their home when they moved to Calgary.

By digging for the WHY behind their search, I was able to come up with a surprisingly simple solution for my clients almost immediately! Try applying this next time you run into a roadblock. The answers you come up with might surprise you!

The trusted real estate advisors at Schmidt Realty Group are really good at asking the right questions to help you discover your most important WHY!  If you‘re thinking about moving, invite us to be part of the conversation to help you make a real estate choice you can feel really good about!

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