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How to sell safely during the pandemic

How to sell safely during the pandemic

By Kathy Schmidt, Broker/Owner, Schmidt Realty Group Inc.

It’s hard to believe we’re almost two years into this pandemic. Even more amazing is how well we have adapted to keep life moving forward.  Because real estate was deemed an essential service from the start of the pandemic, we only experienced a slow-down in our industry for a few weeks back in the spring of 2020. Since then it’s been busier than average, with families reassessing their housing needs due to sudden work-from-home situations and home schooling.  While people were staying home more, they were also busy moving homes to make their “new normal” work better.

Just how busy has the market been these past two years?  Look at the graph below comparing single family sales in the City of Edmonton over the past 3 years.  The green line represents 2021, the blue line is 2020, and the yellow line is pre-pandemic 2019.  Look at the quick increase in activity in May 2020.  Activity climbed well above 2019 levels and has stayed there throughout 2021!

All this activity has meant that real estate agents have had to become nimble in adapting to the needs of the ever-changing situation.  At Schmidt, we immediately went to a work-from-home model for most of our staff, enabling us to keep the doors open while keeping everyone safe. We also shifted to Zoom for as many meetings as possible. We also spent a lot of time speaking with our clients to hear their concerns and create solutions to give everyone a sense of safety in uncertain times

I know there’s still snow outside but judging by the way my inbox is filling up with client inquiries, I think we’re in for a busy spring!  The current omicron wave is coinciding with the start of the spring market.  If you were planning on selling this spring but are wondering if you should proceed, you might find it helpful to have some practical tips on staying safe while selling.  Life keeps moving. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from moving forward with your plans. Here are some of the ways we suggest to keep your family safe while selling this spring:

  1. Talk to your Schmidt agent about your concerns. You’re a team now and it’s vital to work closely together to make sure your house gets shown and you feel safe.
  2. Leave hand sanitizer and masks near the door in case anyone coming to view needs safety supplies.
  3. Consider putting a sign on your door reminding agents and buyers to put on their masks before entering.
  4. Consider putting up a sign in your entry asking agents and buyers to avoid opening kitchen cabinets and drawers and to please not use the bathrooms.
  5. Turn all lights on and open the doors to all rooms to minimize surfaces that guests will need to touch to view your home.
  6. When the temperature permits, leave windows open to encourage air circulation. Run furnace and bathroom fans to encourage air exchange. And consider staying away from your home for a couple of hours after the showing to give the air more time to refresh.
  7. As an extra level of comfort, speak with your agent about using a Covid Attestation Form. At Schmidt, many of our clients choose to have buyers and their agents complete this form prior to any showing.  Insert link here   DANIELLE PLEASE SAVE THE FORM SOMEWHERE ON OUR WEBSITE AND CREATE A LINK TO USE IN THIS POST.  This form can be used for appraisers and property inspectors entering your home as well, at your request.

It’s frustrating to have all these extra things to think about – moving is enough work lol – but taking time to discuss your covid concerns with your agent will ensure that you feel in control as you’re selling.  It  will all be worth it when you get that great offer and you can move on with your life!

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