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Property Inspections During Covid-19

Property Inspections During Covid-19

If you’re thinking of buying or selling during Covid-19 you no doubt have a lot of questions.  How will you view homes?  Can you see them in person? Do you have to view them only online?  How many people can be in a home at once?  What about meeting with your lawyer?  Lots and lots of questions need answers!  One question that people tend to forget to ask till the last minute is… How the heck does a property get professionally inspected right now?

Here’s what you need to know about inspections during Covid-19:

There’s only one way to properly evaluate the condition of the structure and mechanical items of a home, and that’s by hiring a professional inspector to get on-site and dig into the property.  While appraisals can mostly be done using comparable properties and doing a drive-by, there’s no way to inspect a home fully just by looking at it from the street.  Inspectors definitely need to get into a house, so whether you’re buying or selling, an on-site inspection is likely going to be part of the process.

Most inspectors request that they conduct the inspection alone in the house.  The buyer’s agent is still responsible to let them in and is expected to stay on-site to take responsibility for the property, but usually this means in the backyard or in their car, not in the property.  And the buyers are requested to NOT be there.  This keeps the inspector safe, as he or she would otherwise have clients in close proximity to them all day, and also minimizes the exposure for the sellers as it means fewer people in their home for extended periods of time.

Inspection reports are usually long and detailed documents. It’s important for buyers to have time to review it, ask questions of the sellers, and in some cases get another professional such as a plumber or electrician into the house to give an opinion.  Most inspectors provide a detailed report by sending buyers a document directly or via a Dropbox link. This is a helpful resource after possession day for the buyers as well as an important step in the offer process.

While the inspection report itself is vital, nothing can replace a conversation between a buyer and the inspector.  Information about necessary repairs can seem overwhelming to a purchaser.  A phone call with your inspector will put things in perspective and provide critical advice regarding possible costs and next steps.

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s important to understand how things will proceed once you’re in the offer process. An inspection is a very important part of the process. Even in a pandemic, it can still be handled effectively, and safely! 

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