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The Story Behind the Stats: December 2018

The Story Behind the Stats: December 2018

A tale of two regions …
Real estate activity is tracked separately for Edmonton in two ways, as a combined Census Metropolitan Region (CMA) and for the city of Edmonton only (YEG). While Average Days On Market were very similar for CMA and YEG results, there were some interesting differences when it comes to the number of homes sold. There was very little variance between the CMA and YEG in the number of duplex/rowhouse properties sold. However, there were almost double the reduction in single family homes sold in YEG alone vs the combined CMA numbers. What might surprise you most of all is to learn that there were only 75 fewer single family homes sold in November 2018 vs last year. While that’s a measurable change, it’s probably a smaller number than you’d have guessed. Sellers who take their agent’s advice by preparing their home carefully and pricing it competitively are still getting sold!

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